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Interview with Paul Carter, Ph.D.
W. Gerl (WG): Paul, you are – as I overlook the development of
Ericksonian approach in our country, and in particular that of the M.E.G.
– for us the most important person who came from the United States
to seed and spread Milton’s ideas and techniques. About ten years
ago we met the first time, and – after having organized workshops for
John Grinder and Judy Delozier, which were exciting experiences – I
wanted you to cooperate with us (that time the Institut für
Integrierte Therapie) on a regular basis. I was impressed by the
personal style you (an your partner Stephen Gilligan) did the teaching
and realized this learning to be fruitful for me.
The comprehensive training program we developed was the precursor
of the later M.E.G. program, which then integrated a selection of
others of Erickson’s disciples (Sidney Rosen, Jeff Zeig, for example).
The attendees of your courses in the late seventees represent the
main portion of the “first generation” of Ericksonians in Germany and
other, neighbouring countries.
Now, sometimes, when reflecting my personal opinions about our
existence, our work, and about hypnotherapy in particular, I wonder:
How is Paul experiencing the development of hypnotherapy in the last
ten years; what changes occurred in his own opinions from the time
we met. What are the steps in your personal development you think

are important to be shared with us?

P. Carter (PC): Well, now the most important thing is changing the
focus … my old focus in my hypnotherapeutic relationship was really
on my relationship with the client. That was the most important on our
relationship. And now I’m making it much bigger than that, - so that
now it focuses more on the clients’ relationship with themselves – and
my relationship with myself – and the clients’ relationship with every
person around them, close, and me as one in the other people – and
the clients’ relationship and my relationship to what is outside of our
close circle: the earth, the sky, the elements, the animals, the plants,
the other people of the community and other nations – coexisting.
And, it’s been a tremendous relief to do that, to make it larger – you
know, to include much more than just my relationship with the client.
That’s, I think, may be the biggest change for me that I’m aware of,
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