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Paul has a profound respect for the wholeness and integrity of each
individual being, giving people a sense of confidence in their own integrity
and trust in their own spirit; this is fundamental to his approach
in the areas of personal growth, healing work, relationship counseling
and sexuality.
He is also greatly appreciated for his lightness and his playful approach.
His professional career has spanned 39 years of widely acclaimed training
groups of health professionals and educators worldwide. He was trained in
hypnotherapy by Dr. Milton Erickson and in family therapy by Dr. Virginia
Satir and was a member of the original Bandler-Grinder research team from
which the field of NLP arose.Together with Stephen Gilligan he created and
led the first 2-year training programs in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy in
Europe which have been continued by the Milton Erickson Gesellschaft.
He specializes in the powerful combination of trancework used together
with creative movement, ritual and the inspirational power of nature.
In 1990 Paul joined with Alan Lowen and Niyaso Carter, the founders of the
"Art of Being".Together they expanded Body, Heart & Soul into a four-week
comprehensive education in sexual loving and intimate relating, and created
a two year professional training program. He incorporates Native
American medicine and Tibetan Buddhist practice into his healing work.
He has several published articles on his work as well as a manuscript
of his approach to problem solving and healing called "Parts Work -
A Formular for Integrity".
Today and for the past 26 years he lives with his family and friends in Hawaii on the island of Maui, where he has been learning Hawaiian medicine, the way of Aloha. He sees individuals and
couples there and provides individual healing retreats in addition to his
teaching abroad.
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