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Comments from participants
I was proud of my intellectual abilities and education and I had
already undergone two kinds of traditional psychotherapy.
"Trance and Healing" sounded pretty far out to me, but I was
stuck and miserable. The work under the leadership of Paul
Carter warmed my soul and melted the frozen feelings and
longings so that I was able to move and grow again. I learned
to listen not only to my head, but also to the other parts of
my body, especially to my heart, instead of using my
intelligence to analyze and block myself. I particularly
recommend this method to rationalists and intellectuals.
Margaret Davidson Vazansky

 When the course started I didn't know at all what to expect.

And to be honest I enjoyed this weekend very much
- everything felt very "whole", running
smoothly, everything what was coming up was invited to come.
A very loving
and respectful being together.
It really was something special ! Thank you !
Take care and best wishes,
Thank you once again for guiding us and sharing your experience two
weeks ago during the Sacred Love for Couples week-end

at The Center.

This was a beautiful experience for Claudia and for myself, both as
individuals and as a couple. I certainly look now differently at what it
truely means to celebrate Man and Woman in a couple.
It also gave us some new angles to explore within our relationship
and within our own lifes.
And I can already say that both Claudia and I felt stronger and
closer to each other after this week-end. Thank you for this.
Wish you well,
A longing for depth has led me to this course. I have
found it in this work - and childlike joy, lightness,
tenderness, healing, and growth. Now I feel how much
more I can be than only my intellectual mind.
Thanks Paul!
More comments by a trianing graduate
For 3 years now I work with Paul and I am happy and grateful that
I discovered "Trance and Healing". It has changed my life.
Time and again I am
surprised with how much humor and skill Paul conducts his workshops.
As he totally surrenders himself to his intuition and senses what
each particular
group (and the individual in it) needs, each seminar is totally different
than the next. The focus of Paul's work is healing and integration.
By doing that he lets you be the way you are and teaches you to
accept everything, even the parts you might consider "bad" and
don't want to have/be. And he shows you that exactly these
unloved sides have a lot of power and wonderful potential.
He never pushes you to do anything. In this work you are totally free!
You can even sleep the entire time! And even so - something healing
will happen with you. Paul gives gentle impulses, and you quickly
realize that they really hit home. You can follow them or not, just as
you wish, that is totally o.k.
However, if you decide to follow this gentle "finger pointing" you will
quickly notice how good it feels, to go this path and how it will lead
you to a greater freedom and wholeness.
With the trance technique you can reach the unconscious parts of
your soul that you can not reach with your mind.
And you learn to sense what your heart needs. With different
methods Paul can help you to see what it is - and understand why
it is so - and with that knowledge to go the path of forgiveness
that will lead you to love.
True love is born from understanding ( The buddha)
Juliane Schieder
Comments from participants
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