Trainings & Seminars
"The Sacred Loving workshops are first and foremost
about reconnecting with your heart and the quality of pure, unobstructed love."
Sacred Loving Training
The Sacred Loving Training is a series of workshops designed for individuals
and couples who want to come closer together and enjoy more love, passion and
fullfillment in their lives. It teaches an approach to intimacy and sexuality
that is based on self-acceptance, communication and deep relaxation. So as to
help make this a special meeting from the beginning, participation will be
limited to couples who have previously completed a Sacred Loving Weekend
or who are invited by one of the participating couples. It will be like learning,
growing and celebrating within a circle of friends.
Participants will learn energy, touch and communication exercises, tantric
practices, healing rituals and meditations in an environment that is respectful,
fun and deeply transformative.
Through Family Constellation, Group Process and other techniques both ancient
and contemporary
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you will be gently guided to be fully at home in your own body, connected
in your heart and therefore more in tune with your soul and spirit.
you learn to trust and enjoy your desire for intimate contact, to honor
your personal boundaries, and to effectively communicate both.
you gain an understanding of and chance to release the fears, shame, hurt
or limiting beliefs that keep your love life less than ecstatic.
as a couple you receive guidance and support to take new steps and leaps on
your journey toward a sacred and fulfilling relationship.
individuals and couples receive information and tools to transform
lovemaking into an increasingly joyful experience and a path of spiritual awakening