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Trance and Healing
Trance is a deep relaxation and letting go of coscious control
into a state of inner peace, unlimited possibilities, creativity,
freedom, and unity.
"All healing happens in trance state" says Dr Carter.
Trance is one of the best tools you can learn, both for self-help and
as a bodyworker, therapist or healer. It improves the effectiveness
of any form of therapy by helping you to utilize the creative and
integrative powers of the unconscious.
In this training participants learn to :
experience and recognize trance states and the safeguards that make
working with trance a healing experience.
access and communicate with the memories and resources of the
personal and collective unconscious.
self-hypnosis supported by breathe, movement and mental techniques
  as a way to self heal and create self confidence,trust and
use trance for healing on the physical,emotional, and spiritual level,
  including pain control and problem solving through the application of
  energy, lucid dreaming, language of suggestion, stories, dance,
  ritual, and meditation.
The training contains demonstrations, practice sessions, group meditations,
and individual trance journeys.
In this work, the best training is to experience yourself in trance.
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