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March 15th - 24th, 2013

E Ho Mai : Trust and Healing with Aloha in Maui

a healing retreat with Dr.Paul Carter and Friends

Contact: Dr. Paul Carter, Tel.:(00)1-808-572 2158
E-mail paulcarter@tranceandhealing.com

I am beginning a new workshop to reflect the changing times and my own changes. The focus is to provide a learning,remembering and practice of tools for self healing and care. These are exercises developed from my background in Hypnosis, Chi-Gong, Tibetan Buddhist Tantra, Native American and Hawaiian medicine teachings and my 39 years working with individuals, families and groups to promote healing and happiness. All of these teachings are centered in Trust, learning how to let go of our small minded control and open to greater Life energies. They are good for both physical and emotional ailments.

The exercises we will practice are the best and most time proven I know to create both the physical and psychological conditions for healing and balanced well-being. They are simple and usable on a daily basis alone or in a group by people of any age and creed, and are free to practice. From all my teachers and living in Hawai'i these past 26 years, I have learned the importance of having a healthy, thinking, loving Heart at the center of our living, to learn and practice Trust- the awareness of our essential wholeness and unity, and to learn and bring Aloha, Love-the recognition of the real essence of each being, the joy of life.

Of Course, here in Hawai'i, the work is experienced together with and in the natural beauty and wonder of the ocean, whales, waterfalls, flowers and primal elements.

The only requirements for participation are a willingness to trust, be loved, cry, laugh and smile uncontrollably.

A Hui HO, Till we are Together,

Paul Carter

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