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Looking for a kind of connecting link to my educations and trainings
so far, i came across Dr. Paul Carter and his highly creative work
about seven years ago.
I specially appreciate Paul's playful, homorous, though throughout
earnest way of teaching, always deeply respecting the individual
boundries and needs of the participants, and to explain theoretical
and practical items in a totally plain and understandable way.
Since I got my "official" certificate of completion from Paul,
I had the chance to take part in several trainings as an
assistent, a tremendously valuable time of learning and inner growth.
Although in his workshops Paul sticks to a rough structure in
similar parts, the exercises, suggestions, and rituals are different
every time. During all these years working with Paul I never had
the feeling of "Déjà-vu".
It is incredibly enriching to participate in Paul's seemingly unlimited
knowledge, which he generously shares with whoever wants to
Both, my professional as well as my private life, have changed
completely, and still keep doing so, since I got to know the benefits
of Trance and Healing work.
Thank you, Paul!
Christiane Schweizer-Voigt, Zürich, 28.05.2003
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